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Amberly Livengood

Animal Communication/Nature Intuitive










Amberly has been an animal communicator and nature intuitive for over ten years and has worked with hundreds of animals during this time. Her mission is to help deepen the connection and understanding between people and their animals through communication. Amberly works with all types of animals, domestic and wild and covering many topics. Her specialty is communicating with animals on a deep spiritual level, translating those messages that allow us to gain clarity and better understand our animals purpose with us.


Amberly has also worked with numerous families and their animals as they prepare for the animals transition back to spirit world when their time in the physical existence is complete, as well as, communicating with them after they have crossed over. Amberly believes all animals come into our lives with beautiful messages, things to share and lessons to teach us. She embraces her intuitive gift to relay these messages back to their people and help them to hear each other. If you wish to know what those soulful eyes looking back at you are saying, Amberly can be their voice for you.

To schedule and appointment or to learn more please contact us!

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