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Behavior Modification and Training at the ARC

Tiffany Szankovics
AKC Certified Instructor


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My name is Tiffany Szankovics. I currently reside in Shoemakersville with my 3 dogs, 6 horses, and a pig.  I currently own an Australian Shepherd (Kubota), a lovable mutt (Hemi), and a Pit Bull (Rhino.) I am a AKC certified instructor in CGC (Canine Good Citizen), S.T.A.R. Puppy, Trick Dog, and FIT DOG training. I am a certified evaluator for the AKC Temperament Test and  I also have worked in boarding kennels and with breeders.


My love of training started when I volunteered with Lehigh County Humane Society in 2003, where I would work with the most difficult dogs. It started with a German Shepherd mix named Harley. He was very reactive towards people. You would approach his kennel and he made sure you knew he was there. Day after day I would just sit in front of his kennel, talk to him, and toss him hot dogs. After a month of daily conversation, there was no more reaction at the front of the kennel. This was my chance. I leashed him and took him for a walk. After that, he realized that people may not be so bad.


I would use the meeting rooms and the Humane Society to play ball with him. This gave him the opportunity to see the flow of people and that people were not out to harm him. We slowly introduced new people. After I was comfortable with his progress and state of mind, we had a family who wanted to meet him. He showed the true Harley, eating up attention and wanting to play ball. It was exciting and extremely rewarding to see him adopted by a family with 7 acres.


When I met my Hemi, he was eager to learn anything and everything. I took multiple training classes at different locations, not only to learn different training techniques but to also strengthen our bond. Hemi and I went on to compete in Agility, Obedience, and Rally. Hemi earned his RN, RA, and fell short on RE in Rally by one leg due to early retirement. We also did a little Barn Hunt.


Fast forward a few years and we are living in Allentown. One night we had a Pit Bull just run into our apartment. We said we would not keep him as 3 dogs was enough. Well, Rhino stole our hearts and became a member of our family. As he grew with us, we realized he was becoming dog selective. It was time to seek additional help. I met Michele Rhoades who was training at the time with Passion for Paws. I took several classes with them, and Rhino and I excelled. Michele saw I had a gift for training. Prior to COVID, Hemi, Rhino and I were a registered therapy team. We visited places like KidsPeace, assisted living and nursing homes. I would continue my training journey as Michele’s apprentice for about 3 years with Passion for Paws.


Unfortunately, my dad passed, and I needed some time away. This is when I met my boy Kubota.  He became my Service Dog. Kubota is tasked trainied as well as I trained him in deep pressure therapy to ease my anxiety and support me through my attacks.


After a short hiatus from training, I was presented with the opportunity to join forces with Michele Rhoades. We teamed up and formed Mannered Mutts Dog Training. I continued to learn and grow with Michele for 3 more years including group training with Mannered Mutts through The Animal Resources Cooperation (ARC.) Pam Kneass and Michelle Porter, owners of the ARC, also saw my gift and ability to help dogs and their owners. They offered me an opportunity to establish my own training program at the ARC. 


I am proud to introduce, Behavior Modification and Training at the ARC . We offer 6-week Basic Obedience Group Classes, private lessons, Nosework, Advanced Training, Trick Dog, S.T.A.R. Puppy, Therapy Dog, Rally classes and FIT DOG group walks.

Training Prices

Any 6-Week Group Class Class $175

Behavior and Training Consult
(45 minutes - 1 hour session)

Private Training and Behavior Modification
(45 minutes - 1 hour session)

CGC and AKC Temperament Testing
$25 plus AKC fees

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