Sierra Keiper

Enrichment Specialist

Dog Trainer

I am an amateur dog trainer, a canine care associate at a daycare and boarding facility, a barista, and a hobby yogi. My collie taught me the need for compassionate care, calm communication, and how to get creative when it comes to meeting needs. Enrichment is just that, creatively making life more interesting, engaging different senses, and fulfilling needs. Often we use toys and games and recycle or DIY a lot! We live in an apartment and rely on training and enrichment to soothe his anxious collie brain and help him live more happily in our human world. We use enrichment in the kennel setting to navigate many problem behaviors, following the humane approach of “least invasive, minimally aversive”.


Sometimes the simplest answer is the best and enrichment satisfies that management piece for many pets and owners. I want to share this creative, communicative approach to canine care with as many people as possible! Consider me a hobby motivational trainer, an aspiring behaviorist, and above all a wellness advocate.